Dillo Documentation, APIs for SMS, Voice, Email, AI

Customize your software application with Dillo Voice Inbound! Make your application interactive and offer 24/7 customer service: thanks to Dillo Voice In you can build and integrate your Voice Bot directly on your software.

Dillo was built by developers to give you a powerful and safe tool to share your ideas and improve your business.

Dillo API is designed to be easily integrated with any platform with the minimum requirements, to give you a smart solution in the management of voice calls, SMS and emails.

With our system, you can easily make and receive Voice calls, SMS messages or Emails.


In order to use the Dillo API you need to have an account. If you don't have an account you can create one here.

SMS outbound

With Dillo Api you can easily send SMS and see the status of the request.

SMS Inbound

With Dillo API you can receive SMS and decide what to do when an SMS is received (for example, send an email or send an HTTP request to your own web application).

Email Outbound

The Dillo Email API allows you to easily send emails and query data about emails such as delivery status or track the email'events (open, clicks)

Email Inbound

Dillo offers the possibility to have an email address and to make outbound requests (Voice, SMS, email) when you receive an email on this address.

Voice Outbound

With Dillo API you can make an outbound call, modify live calls, view call history and details.

Voice Inbound

Dillo offers the possibility to receive calls, to route and decide the behavior of the incoming calls or to get the history of the calls received on a Dillo number.